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Maui Wildfire Death Toll Surpassed 100; Deadliest in a Century.
Investigation reveals human negligence. Victims Are R
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The Maynor Law Firm and our dedicated Maui Fire Recovery team are here to assist. Whether you've faced property damage, been forced to evacuate, lost wages, or experienced the loss of a loved one, and even if you have insurance, we are committed to securing the compensation you deserve. Remember, there are no fees until we win!

Power Lines a Prime Suspect in Maui Fire Ignition
On the night of August 7th, security footage from the Maui Bird Conservation Center captured a glaring flash in the woods. This corresponds with an incident recorded by 10 sensors in Makawao, which highlighted a significant disturbance in Hawaiian Electric’s grid. The first fire in Makawao was thereby linked with an electrical malfunction, supporting claims that the state's main utility equipment was responsible for several fires during that period, one of which culminated in the devastating blaze in Lahaina.

Hawaiian Electric Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Devastating Maui Fire
Hawaiian Electric is now under a class-action lawsuit that alleges negligence on their part by not preemptively shutting off power despite forewarnings of high winds. Evidence suggests the utility was aware of the efficacy of such shut-offs in wildfire prevention but failed to act. The lawsuit seeks redress for the tragic events, especially in light of the near 100 casualties. [2]

Hawaiian Electric's Decision Under Lens Following Maui Wildfire
Downed power poles and lines from Hawaiian Electric became a common sight in West Maui towns after last week's fires, obstructing several roads. As investigations into the Maui wildfire's cause gain traction, the utility's choice not to shut off power before the high winds is being closely examined. [3]

Maui Wildfires Death Toll Expected to Rise
Maui's wildfires have claimed at least 99 lives, with only about a third of the burn area searched so far, making it the deadliest US wildfire in over a century.

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green fears that the death toll could potentially double in the coming days, describing the situation as "a tragedy beyond tragedies."

Many of the deceased were found outside, in vehicles, or in the water, especially in the heavily affected Lahaina area; meanwhile, communication challenges and destroyed belongings make it difficult to ascertain the number of missing individuals. [4]


Sources: Maui Now / PDC / FEMA

FEMA map shows 2,207 structures damaged or destroyed in Maui wildfire, $5.52 Billion to rebuild
The Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have released damage assessment maps for multiple wildfires in Maui County. Data from the Lahaina Fire on August 11, 2023, shows an estimated 2,719 structures were exposed to the fire, with 2,207 of them damaged or destroyed, covering an area of 2,170 acres. Of the structures exposed to the wildfire, 86% were residential buildings. The estimated cost for rebuilding stands at a staggering $5.52 billion. [5]


"I even made a video and said my goodbyes to my loved ones, to my family...
It was burning to the south. It was burning to the north, and it was coming downhill right at us"

Denny Yuckert - Maui Fire Survivor

Maui Fire devastates more than just structures.
The Maynor Law Firm stands ready to support and represent countless victims affected by this tragic event.

Get the Compensation you Deserve

In the wake of such a devastating event as the Maui Fire, it's not just the tangible assets we lose. Beyond the visible property damage lies the immeasurable toll on one's emotional and personal well-being.

Maui's Reliable Ally: Serving Impacted Renters & Homeowners

Victims of the Maui Fire, whether renters or homeowners, might be eligible for substantial compensation, with or without insurance coverage. This can encompass displacement, loss of cherished belongings, emotional turmoil, and other unaccounted-for damages.


What Insurance Companies Might Not Tell You...
Recovering after a disaster can feel like navigating a tricky wave. With Maui Fire Recovery team at The Maynor Law Firm, you've got expert guides ready to paddle out with you. We'll help spot the hidden damages, be there through the emotional waves, and translate those puzzling policy phrases. And hey, if some trees or natural beauties on your property took a hit, you might have some compensation coming your way.

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